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Husband: Cleveland H. EGGERS
       Birth: 21 Aug 1845    Johnson Co., TN                         
      Census: 1860           Wards Forge, Johnson Co., TN            
 Description: 1863           Left handed, 5'5", complexion fair, dark
    Military: bet 1863-1865  Carter Co. TN, (joined Co. G 13 Regt TN 
     Illness: Nov 1863       Deafness left ear, rheumatism of legs an
     Illness: 15 Nov 1864    Diarrhea chronic                        
      Living: Jun 1898       East Portland, OR                       
        Misc: 22 Jun 1898    Filed pension information               
     Elected: 1907           Post Commander Grand Army Shiloh Post #7
       Death: 2 Jul 1908     Newberg, Oregon                         
    Marriage: 27 Jan 1866    Johnson Co., TN                         
     Divorce: 1892           Mountain City, TN                       
      Father: Abner EGGERS Gen. (b 27 May 1821)
      Mother: Lucinda Jane VENABLE (b 18 Jun 1832)
Other spouse: Rockalette (Lettie) ROGERS (m 22 Jun 1899)             
Wife: Elizabeth Jane ELLER
       Birth: 22 Jun 1851                                            
        Misc: 4 Aug 1899     the signer for son Rueben to join Army      
       Death: 29 Nov 1932                                            
      Burial:                Wilson graveyard                        
      Father: John ELLER
Other spouse: Jesse C. CHURCH (m 22 Dec 1904)                        
 1 M James Alexander EGGERS
       Birth: 8 Mar 1867                                             
  Occupation:                Carpenter                               
 2 F Mary Rebca (Molly) EGGERS
       Birth: 5 Dec 1870                                             
       Death: at birth of s  Bristol, TN                             
      Spouse: William P. PLEASANT (m 19 Oct 1888)                    
 3 M William Delaney EGGERS
       Birth: 11 Aug 1876                                            
    Property: abt 1935       Oxen named Tom, Dick and Harry          
       Death: 25 Oct 1968    Doe Valley, TN                          
         SSN:                411-54-5045                             
      Spouse: Callie Louisa SHOUN (m 17 Apr 1898)                    
      Spouse: Bessie (m aft 1943)                                    
 4 M John EGGERS
       Death: age 12                                                 
 5 F Nannie Ettie EGGERS
       Birth: 22 Sep 1880                                            
      Spouse: Lem L. PLEASANT (m 21 Dec 1892)                        
 6 M Reuben Franklin EGGERS
       Birth: abt 8 Jun 1881 Little Doe, JCT                         
 Description: 1899           5'8" dark complexion,  brown eyes, black hair
    Military: 8 Aug 1899     Johnson City, TN                        
    Military: 7 Oct 1899     Guagua, Philippine Islands              
    Military: 16 Mar 1901    Presideo, San Francisco, CA             
      Living: abt 1915       Butler, TN                              
  Occupation: abt 1916       Mechanic and had a sawmill              
      Spouse: Rebecca ROBINSON (m 21 May 1901)                       
 7 F Clementina Belle EGGERS
       Birth: Aug 1887                                               
      Living:                Jacksboro, TN                           
      Spouse: Roby LEE                                               
Marriage(1): Married by Rev. Lewis Venable.

Census(4): His name was spelled Cleaviand and he was listed as age 10.

Military(5): Cleveland was transferred to Co. D by order of Col. John K. Miller on 18 Oct. 
1863.  On 28 Oct 1863  he was in Strawberry Plains, TN.  On 4 Aug 1864 he was in 
Gallatin, TN for detached service.  On 1 Jan 1865 he was appointed Corp.  On 8 
Jun 1865 he was reduced to ranks.  He was discharged on 2 Sept. 1865 in Knoxville, TN. 

Nominal Roster of the 13th Tennessee Cavalry, U.S. Army 1863- 1865

The 13th Tennessee Cavalry was formed based on authority granted by Major 
General Ambrose E. Burnside, and was mustered into Federal serivce at Strawberry 
Plains, Knox County, Tennessee between October 28 and November 8, 1863. The 
regiment mustered out of Federal service at Knoxville on September 5, 1865. The 
regiment was commanded by Colonel John K. Miller during its existence. Miller 
represented about the only stability in the officer corps of this unit. Roderick 
R. Butler, William H. Ingerton, and Barzillah P. Stacy all held the lieutenant colonelcy.
Majors were James W. M. Grayson, George W. Doughty, Eli N. Underwood, Joseph H. 
Wagner, Christopher Columbus Wilcox, Patrick F. Dyer, and Robert H. M. Donnelly. 
It would appear that at least 1195 men served in the 13th TN Cavalry, divided as follows:
32 men in Field & Staff.
Company A, consisting of 90 men was recruited in Carter County, Tennessee.
Company B with 112 men was also raised in Carter County, Tennessee.
Company C, with 119 men was officered by Carter County, Tennessee residents, but 
a large portion of the unit came from Mitchell County, North Carolina.
Company D, with 95 men, was enlisted at Greenville, Tennessee, principally of 
residents of Johnson County, Tennessee, with a few from Greene County.
Company E's 95 men were primarily residents of Greene and Johnson Counties, 
Tennessee; while Ashe County, North Carolina provided several recruits.
Company F with 99 men was raised in Carter County, Tennessee.
Company G composed of 108 men was raised in Carter and Johnson County,  Tennessee.
Company H with 99 men was raised in Carter County, Tennessee
Company I with 103 men was recruited in Johnson County, Tennessee, with some 
from Washington County, and a large number from Ashe County, North Carolina.
Company K with 101 men was raised in Washington and Johnson County, Tennessee.
Company L with 81 men joined the regiment on April 11, 1864 at Nashville. 
Members of the company were from Union, Carter, Jefferson, Greene, and Johnson 
Counties, with significant numbers from North Carolina.
Company M's 67 men were from Johnson, Carter, Sullivan and Washington Counties, 
and about 20 were from North Carolina and Virginia.

The 13th Tennessee Cavalry saw limited action during the first year of its existence. In the late summer of 1864, however,
the regiment was pressed into active field service. The regiment skimished the Brigadier General John C. Vaughn's East
Tennessee (Confederate) Brigade on several occasions, and participated in the abortive column sent to support General
Stephen Burbridge's October 2, 1864 raid on Saltville, when the Confederates soundly defeated the Federals at Bull's Gap.
Subsequent fighting in November also resulted in defeat for the Federals.

In December, 1864, however, General George Stoneman replace Burbridge in 
operational control of forces in the area. Stoneman was a more agreeable commander for most of the Federals, increasing
their morale, supply situation, and overall esprit de corps. The Confederates, on the other hand, had moved many of the
men defending the saltworks at Saltville to the Shenandoah Valley and Richmond in the interim. In mid December 1864,
General Stoneman led a raid, including the 13th Tennessee Cavalry on the important mines and railroad in southwest
Virginia, and succeeded in wrecking the Saltville saltworks, and destroying iron forges in Smyth County, and shops in
Wytheville, and eventually the Lead mines in Wythe County, Virginia.

The remainder of the winter of 1864-65 was spent in quarters, and occasionally 
chasing the remnants of John Vaughn's Confederate Brigade.  The next active 
campaign, the last of the war, was again with Stoneman, through Watauga County, 
North Carolina, into Wilkes County, into Surry, and back into Southwest 
Virginia. The war was basically over, and little of military importance was 
accomplished on Stoneman's last raid.

Illness(6): He was treated at Asylum Hospital, Knoxville, TN  by Dr. R. L. Donnley.

General Affidavit of W. H. Worley age 56 on 28 July 1899 of Laurel Bloomery, TN  
- "I was acquainted with Cleveland Eggers of Co. D 13th TN Regt.  I was with him 
at Withville VA.  I served with him in the same Co. and Regt. and at Withville 
VA our horses gave out and we had to foot it about 60 miles through the 
mountains and the claimant gave out.  He complained of Rheumatism and was also 
swollen stiff to some extent in his feet and ankles that he could housery get 
along.  He suffered considerably.  We was out of our command about 6 days.  I 
____ an claimant till we got to mountain City, Tenn, then called Taylorsville, Tenn."

General Affidavit of H.C. Morefield age 59 on 25 Jan 1900 of Johnson City, TN -  
"That he served in the same Co. and Regt in the war of the Rebellion with the 
claimant and messed with him part of the time.  That while we were in camps at 
Strawberry Plains Tenn about Nov 1863.  The Claimant was working with his pistol 
and it went off and sd it jared his head and said He had a rooring in his head.  
And he complained of his head and ear all the time we were in service and often 
sd he believed he would loose the hearing in one ear altogether.  And that while 
we were on the Stoneman raid South in N.C. at Patricks(?) Court House Col. 
Miller of the 13th Tenn Cal was detailed with about 300 men to go to go 
Witheville VA to burn the Reidy buih Bridge the claimant and myself and one 
other comrade were sent out to a picket and was cut off from the detachment by 
the Rebels and had to leave our horses and take the mountains.  We had to travel 
the mountains and scout through to Taylorsville, Tenn (now Mountain City) and 
the claimant was complaining of his legs and said He had rhematism and while we 
were Scouting through to said  ____ the claimant was suffering so with his legs 
so badly that we had to help him along at that time.  Genl Lilson was at Taysville and I reported to him.  I did not see
him any more until we returned to Knoxville Tenn.  I then saw him there and he was still complaining of his head and limbs
and continues to complain of his head and limbs until we were mustered out."

Illness(7): Military records state sick leave 15 Nov 1864 to 8 Dec 1864.

Living(1): His address was 15 - 31- St., East Portland, OR.  On his Declaration for Pension 
Cleveland stated that he lived "in Tennessee at Laurel Bloomery and Bristol till 
1884  in Oregon, Roseburg, Grants Pass, and Newburg (Yamhill Co.) till the 
present time (7 Sept 1907)."

Misc: General Affidavit of Landrine Eggers age 56 on 5 Feb 1900 of Matney, TN - "That he served in Co. D 13th Tennessee
Vol Cav and on or about Nov 1863 while in camp at Strawberry Plains in time of the seige at Knoxville it was reported that
the rebs were advanceing on our command and the claimant was examineing his pistol and accidentally let it fire  He was
holding it in his left hand as he was left handed and after he rather came to himself he said it paned his head and he
always complained of haveing a roaring in his head afterwards and often said that he believed he would entirely loss his
hearing in his left ear he has always ever since them been complaining.  I was not with him on the Stoneman raid and did
not see him afterwards until about May 1865.  He them was complaining of rheumatism in his legs and feet.  I heard him
complain at different times since then with rheumatism and deafness.  I could till he could not hear very well by haveing
to talk loud when talking to him.  He was complaining at date of discharge the last time I ever saw him he was complaining
of rheumatism and deafness that was about January 1890."

General Affidavit of C.J. Nickerson age 41 and Nelson Dodge age 36 of Portland OR - "That the Claimant is a man of good
repudation for truth and veracity, is industrious and sober and that we have known him well and intimately as such for a
period of five years and we believe that the deseases with which he is aflicted namely- rheumatism, heart desease, varicos
veins and deafness in left ear are not the result of vicious habits or practices."

Elected: He gave a speech on 9 Jan 1908 which was printed 16 Jan 1908 in the Newberg 
Graphic.  He wanted to raise the widow's pension to $12. monthly and was proud 
that he wore blue.  Mom has a copy of the speech.

Death: Tombstone - C.H. Eggers      Co. D   13 Tenn. Cav.

General(8): Served in Civil War; Discharged in Knoxville TN on 5 Sept 1865, Volunteer Army of TN, Calvary Div. Co. D, with
action in Bulls Gap, Bean Station, Rodgersville, 

Muster-Out Roll:   Clothing Account due US $68.06;  Bounty paid $25;  due $75.
Transferred from Co. G  28 Oct 1863;  Appointed Corp. 1 Jan 1865;  Reduced to ranks 8 June 1865;  Present for duty;
Discharge furnished.

WIFE NOTES: Elizabeth Jane ELLER


CHILD NOTES: Mary Rebca (Molly) EGGERS

Birth: Aug 10, 1875 was listed as d.o.b. on his father's pension application.

Property: His granddaughter Frances Eggers would ride Tom (black/white) into the woods.

Death(2):  of Scarlet fever, diptheria.


Birth(9): May 1884 on father's pension info.
Military(9): Joined Co. C, his mother signed for him to join.
Military(9): Company Muster-out Roll, Pvt., Co. C, 36 Reg't U.S. Vol. Infantry, Philippine Insurrection

CHILD NOTES: Clementina Belle EGGERS

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