2001 Rickwood Classic

Pictures from the 2001 Rickwood Classic (Barons vs Diamondjaxx)

2001 Team Picture
2001 Barons
Manager Nick Capra Curt Bloom During the Anthem
Manager Nick Capra CB lookin' sharp During the Anthem
Starter Geronimo Mendoza Matt Guerrier Mitch Wylie and Dan Wright
Starting Pitcher Geronimo Mendoza Matt Guerrier Mitch Wylie and Dan Wright
First Inning Frank Battersby holds the runner on
First Inning Head Usher Frank Eric Battersby holds the runner on
Darron Ingram Chris Saunders Tim Hummel
Right Fielder Darron Ingram Third Baseman Chris Saunders Infielder Tim Hummel
Geronimo Mendoza Geronimo Mendoza Closer Edwin Almonte
Mendoza winds up Mendoza releases Closer Edwin Almonte
Kai and Isaac Joe and Ike Danny Sandoval
Isaac with his favorite player Kai Freeman Isaac with Joe Borchard Danny Sandoval takes a lead
Derek Mitchell Rickwood Field Isaac and Elaine
Derek Mitchell The view from right field Isaac and Elaine
Isaac running the bases
Isaac running the bases

And now for something completely different...

Adam Johnson pitching in relief

Do you want to pitch?, can you throw strikes?, OK, don't hurt yourself.

Adam and Nick Capra
Are you sure about this?

All photos by Philip Eggers, all rights reserved

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