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05/23/2006 - Added Isaac's soccer picture..
04/29/2006 - Added a some pics of CBG# 6 and CBG# 5.
08/25/2005 - Added a 30 second quicktime movie clip of Microwave Dave trying out one of my guitars at a recent show!
05/25/2005 - Added some pics from the Cigar Box Extravaganza in Huntsville.
05/18/2005 - Added some new pics to the Cigar Box Guitars Page No.2 is now complete and No.3 is about 90%
05/10/2005 - Added a Cigar Box Guitars Page (my latest hobby)
09/10/2003 - Added more Spring Training pictures to the Baseball page as well as some pics of the 2003 Rickwood Classic and some new barons pictures.
12/18/2002 - Added some T-Ball pictures to Isaac's page.
12/17/2002 - Finally added some pictures from the 2002 Rickwood Classic.
12/16/2002 - Finally fixed the guestbook page.
06/26/2001 - Added two new pictures to Isaac's page.
06/26/2001 - Added pictures of Adam Johnson pitching at the 2001 Rickwood Classic.
06/26/2001 - Added a picture of Charlotte Rindt to the family page.
06/12/2001 - Added pictures of the 2001 Rickwood Classic.
03/11/2001 - Added a picture of Lillianne and Samantha.
03/11/2001 - Added scans Abner and Lucinda Eggers.
01/11/2001 - Added scans of Clyde Shoun's baseball cards.
01/10/2001 - Added the official Christmas picture to the family page.
01/10/2001 - Added three pics to Isaac's page.
01/10/2001 - Added pictures to the Baseball page.
01/06/2001 - Added a link to Annett and Daniel Eggers' Home Page.
01/03/2001 - Added a link to Ed Miller's Home Page.
08/04/2000 - Added a pictures from the 2000 Shoun Reunion in Mountain City, TN.
08/04/2000 - Added a picture of Bill, Opal and Jeannie.
06/15/2000 - Added pictures of the 2000 Rickwood Classic.
06/06/2000 - Added two pics to Isaac's page.
03/04/2000 - Added a link to The Tomahawk.
03/04/2000 - Added a guestbook.
03/03/2000 - Added picture of Isaac throwing out the first pitch at a Barons game.
03/03/2000 - Added pictures of Kathy Chiavola to Music Page.
03/03/2000 - Added scans of a song written by P.D. Shoun in 1896.
02/22/2000 - Added pictures of Cleveland H. Eggers gravesite and of him and his wife.

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